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RJShookLaw has #GoneClio

27th May, 2013


ClioOur law office was recently featured on Clio’s website after being a loyal customer to their product.

Starting your own firm is a challenge, regardless of experience level. As Shook put it, deciding on “practice management…

Using “Knoll Motions” as a Defense in DWI Cases

8th Oct, 2012


If you have been charged with a DWI, make sure you explore all of your options before pleading guilty. One of the most effective tools that can be used to prepare a defense in a DWI case is actually one of the lesser known defenses that North Carolina law provides today.  This tool is…

What does a Notario do in the United States?

29th Jul, 2012


A common mistake is made in the Spanish speaking community of the U.S. when using the word notary. There is a distinct difference in the meaning of the word notary in English versus the meaning of the word notario in Spanish. There are many cases of notaries identifying themselves as notarios to take advantage…

Don’t Pay That Traffic or Speeding Ticket!

29th Jul, 2012


People often choose to pay their traffic tickets online, through the mail, or at the courthouse because they feel it will save them time and money, and serve as a quick fix. However, this may not always be the best option. This is especially true for those people who have prior violations on their…

What Is The Difference Between License Points and Insurance Points?

16th Jan, 2012


Traffic Points vs Insurance Points

In North Carolina, a traffic ticket may cause you to accumulate two different types of points on your record. The first point type will be applied to your driver’s license, and the second point type will be applied to your insurance. Usually, when you accumulate points on your license, you…

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