What is alimony?

Alimony is payment for the support and maintenance of a spouse. Alimony is paid by the “Supporting Spouse” to the “Dependent Spouse,” and Courts determine who must pay depending on how much money each spouse makes. Alimony can be paid in a lump sum, or on a continuing basis. Alimony can also be decided out of court through a separation agreement.

What is the law in North Carolina regarding alimony?

In North Carolina, alimony determinations are made by consulting N.C.G.S. 50-16.3A

What factors are used in determining alimony?

In North Carolina, courts may consider the following factors and more when determining alimony:

1. Was there any marital misconduct by either party?
2. What do each of the spouses earn in relation to one another?
3. How old is each spouse, and what are their respective physical and emotional conditions?
4. How long has the couple been married?
5. Where do the spouses earnings come from?
6. Has one of the spouses contributed to the others education, training, or increased earning power?
7. Are there any children, and if so, who will be their primary caretaker?
8. What is the established standard of living of each of the spouses?
9. What are the spouses assets and liabilities?
10. Was property brought to the marriage by either spouse?
11. Has one of the spouses contributed as a homemaker?

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