Many people lose their traffic tickets after they are issued, and take an out of sight, out of mind approach to their problem. You should know that ignoring a ticket that you were issued is a huge mistake. If you do not show up for your scheduled court date, then the court will issue a failure to appear. This failure to appear may be reported to the DMV and can result in a loss of your driving privilege until the ticket is resolved. Additionally, if a judge enters a failure to appear against you, he may simultaneously issue an order for your arrest. This means that the Sheriff’s Deputies can show up at your home or work and arrest you in front of your wife, children, or co-workers. You can avoid this potentially embarrassing experience by showing up to court at your scheduled time, or by hiring a lawyer to represent you. Below are the steps to follow if you have lost your traffic ticket, and you need to know your court date.

Step 1: In your web-browser’s search bar, type in

Court Date Look Up

Court Date Look Up - Step 1

Step 2: In the left hand column where it says “Information By County” choose “Gaston” from the drop-down

Step 3: In the left hand column choose “Calendars and Schedules”

Court Date Look Up

Court Date Look Up - Step 3

Step 4: Under “Criminal and District Court Calendars” choose “Citation Query by Name”

Court Date Look Up

Court Date Look Up - Step 4

Step 5: Type in your last name, followed by a comma (no space in between) and then your first initial only (don’t type your entire first name)

Court Date Look Up

Court Date Look Up - Step 5

Step 6: Look for you name on the list. Your court date will be listed under the column titled “Court Date”

Court Date Look Up

Additionally, you can use this page to view the name of the officer who issued your citation, which police department the office works for, the officer’s badge number, the time of your court date, the courtroom number in which you are to appear, and your citation number.

If you can not view your information through the steps listed above, the officer may not yet have turned the citation in to the court. You can also get the above information by calling the Gaston County Criminal Clerk of Court at
Tel: 704.852.3100