People often choose to pay their traffic tickets online, through the mail, or at the courthouse because they feel it will save them time and money, and serve as a quick fix. However, this may not always be the best option. This is especially true for those people who have prior violations on their driving record because these folks are facing high insurance premiums and possibly revocation of driving privileges due to subsequent violations. In most cases, hiring an attorney will be the most cost effective and time saving option. You must know that choosing to pay traffic tickets online is in fact pleading guilty to the violation, which can ultimately lead to points on your license and high insurance premiums. An attorney can use his/her experience, knowledge, and creativity to avoid or reduce such heavy risks. Frequently, an attorney will not need you to be present in court, so you may not need to worry about missing work or other obligations. Additionally, if the police officer that issued your ticket does not show in court, your violation may be dismissed. If you have received a traffic citation, don’t simply pay it! Contact The Law Office of Ronald J Shook today to determine your options.